We have 8 universities in New Zealand, the oldest being Otago while the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is the latest institution to gain university status. All are different. 

Universities based in the country’s largest city will naturally have the busiest sort of buzz about them. Hard not to happen when the main campuses of the University of Auckland and AUT  almost spill out to Auckland’s central business district.  

At the other end of the scale, Lincoln University sits in beautiful, spacious surroundings, reflecting the rural and agricultural base this university is built around. 

Universities today are businesses as well as teaching institutions. Courses are charged for and students can reasonably expect all the teaching and support that is needed to help them pass these courses.  

Research is a strong provider of funds at most universities, and research strength is a really useful way to recruit both undergraduate and postgraduate students. If research is one of your goals or passions seek out the strongest research ranked universities to look into. 

A university degree is not necessarily a fast ticket to great fortune, but it can be a great start. Achieving a degree tells a prospective employer that you are reasonably clever, are dedicated enough to study for three or four years and that you are capable of learning. That’s one of the big things every employer wants - you to learn and add to their business.  

New Zealand Universities

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