Take A Gap Year

It's a great link to the rest of your life.

Not sure what you really want to do when you leave school? Had enough study for a while and feel like a break? Maybe a gap year is on your horizon.  

A gap year is not a year out of your life; many believe it puts one back in. It’s a year that can allow you to think about and point yourself squarely at a future that you are keen to pursue. It can be a great link to the next stage of your life.

Pros and cons of taking a gap year

A gap year can be anywhere, for any length of time, doing anything you want. You can build an orphanage in the islands, stay in that summer job for a few more seasons, teach English as a foreign language in Japan, trek through Nepal, backpack through Europe or Asia, discover the Australian outback, work in a UK bar, ski in Canada or build tracks in our national parks.  

A gap year really is whatever you want it to be, and your only boundaries are your imagination and your ambition.

A gap year can prepare you for studies or training in the future

Before you start packing your bag, it’s a good idea to get our parents onside with the idea of you taking a gap year. Thankfully that may not be too hard. There is lots of research emerging that shows gap years can be really valuable. Studies in New Zealand, Australia and America all show that students who have taken a gap year are generally better prepared for, and perform better, in their studies. Makes job applications ping too. 

Here's some tips for planning your gap year

So, if you are not committed or plain not ready, a constructive gap year has to be one of the best alternatives you could consider. Turn it into a proper project. Go there. Share it on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube.

Life is short. Why waste your time doing things you don’t enjoy? 

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